LAHORE – Pakistan Railway Employees (Prem) Union Senior Vice President Sheikh Mohammad Anwar has said that successive governments and Railways Ministry are held responsible for ruining of Pakistan Railways as department is being made bankrupt in a planned manner.
He was addressing Railways workers procession taken out against administration here on Thursday at DS Office.
On this occasion, protestors chanted slogans against incumbent government and Railways management. They were carrying black flags, banners and placard. These placards carry slogans like TA do, Kaam Loo; Hike in power and water utility bills unacceptable, etc..
While addressing, Sheikh Mohammad Anwar warned incumbent rulers that they should accept their demands otherwise workers would halt train system across the country. He said that Railways Ministry is acting upon anti-workers policies. He demanded the government and PR concerned authorities to withdraw 1,000pc hike in electricity and water bills . Had government compensate Pakistan Railways’ losses at the time of Benazir martyrdom, department would have not been in such a shamble condition, he added.
On this occasion, Ch Mehmodul Ahad, Qazi Wadood, Haji Abdul Aziz, Dilawar Khan, Gogi Shah, Abdul Jabbar, Iftikhar Ali Khan and Haji Tufail also addressed the rally.
They said that it has become almost impossible for PR to pay pension, TA and GPF payments to its employees. They demanded the government to issue a bailout package of Rs 30 billion like it has given to PIA. They appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto action against corrupt officials of Pakistan Railways and protect this important and defence-oriented department from complete ruining.
Demonstrators marched from DS Office to Boharwala Chowk, enlightened tyres and blocked road for an hour with their sit-in (dharna).