ISLAMABAD The US is planning to open a consulate in Quetta to supervise development projects in Balochistan. Yes, the US has urged Government of Pakistan that it wants to open a consulate in Quetta , however, no decision has been made yet, said Richard Snelsire, a spokesperson of the US Embassy, when contacted on Friday. However, the Spokesperson of Foreign Office could not be reached for his comments in this regard. According to information, US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Peterson informed media persons that the US would soon open its consulate in Quetta . She was attending a dinner hosted in her honour by Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, Dr Ruqia Saeed Hashmi. Patterson said main objective behind her recent visit and meetings with the provincial leadership was to talk about development projects, which were being carried out by the US in Balochistan in the better interest of the common people. We are thinking how can we increase our presence here, she said, adding I have come here to talk with authorities about opening of a small consulate in Quetta to supervise the development activities under USAID. At the time when the local and International NGOs are closing their offices in Balochistan due to security fears, what made the US to open Consulate in Quetta , questioned many on Friday. While the US Ambassador claimed that main focus of the US in Balochistan would be irrigation, energy and education. However, some people argued on Friday that these activities could simply be monitored from Islamabad and said that the US might have another agenda for opening consulate in Quetta .