PML(N) has announced to reject the Kerry-Lugar bill with its present conditions, stating that few clauses of the legislation were against the national security and respect, report said. The party was neither taken on board nor was briefed by the government of Pakistan or the US on the legislation... PML-N considers that the decisions on national issues, including whether to accept the aid bill, should be decided by the Parliament," Party chief and former premier Mian Nawaz Shairf said while addressing a news conference here Thursday. Nawaz also invited the government to formulate a national forum on the issue of US aid bill and hinted at accepting the legislation if its conditions were omitted out. The PML-N played its due national role on the issue of Kerry-Lugar bill the issue should be decided on the forum of the Parliament, he told the newsmen after chairing a party meeting on the issue of US legislation aimed at tripling US conditioned aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion per annum for next five years.