DG-ISPR Maj. Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa has announced that operation against terrorists in Peshawar had been cleared; and expressed his resolve to defeat terrorism at all costs.
Talking to a private TV channel, he said that many terrorists were present in tribal areas, while a total of 10 terrorists tried to force their way into airport, all of whom were killed.
Deliberating the attack sequence, he said that these Uzbek terrorists tried to break into airport premises during last night and early morning hours of Saturday at 0830 hrs, from three sides of Abadadara Road, located at the western side of Peshawar airport.
He said that these terrorists tried to plant anti-tank mines at the wall of their point of entry, whence they were challenged with firing of security personnel, and they failed; which was followed by ramming an explosive laden vehicle at 100 meters afar, damaging 50feet-60 feet of wall, while also destroying a nearby house: after which five persons later identified as killed in Paoka, charged into airport premises with their guns blazing in multiple directions.
The third point of attackers was one kilometer away, where they made another attempt to ram the wall with an explosive laden vehicle, followed by five attackers, including two suicide bombers, while three were using firearms. Returning fire exploded one suicide bomber, while firing of security forces killed others.
He further deliberated that locals reported some suspicious elements lurking in under-construction houses, after which security forces conducted another operation after sealing the vicinity. After three, four hours of intermittent firings, an APC was used to ram the gate in bid to access the entrenched terrorists, who blew themselves apart.
DG-ISPR assured that area had been cleared of terrorists and all flights had also been resumed, while National assets were safe, as none of rockets had fallen within airport premises.
He also paid glowing tributes to all security personnel and others, who participated in the action against the terrorists.