Recent statements of senior US officials indicate very clearly that the global bully is least interested in addressing the concerns of its Pakistani partners in the so-called war on terror, and that it has no intention to rethink, or so much as even scale down, the dangerous murderous games it is playing in our country. It is obvious that the pleading and protesting of Pakistani authorities on drone strikes and activities of CIA operatives have failed to produce any results. In fact, this supine attitude has emboldened the rogue superpower to carry out its illegal and subversive activities with more impunity and more blatantly. Obviously, to bring an end to this oppressive one-sided relationship, the United States needs shock-therapy: an end to this no-good partnership. Only then can we hope that, at some point in the future, a relationship between the two countries based on mutual interests and respect could be established. The CIA Director is reported to have told his ISI counterpart that his fundamental responsibility was to protect the lives of American citizens and that he would not halt operations that support that objective. He was talking about the covert subversive activities of his operatives on the Pakistani soil and, of course, to the drone strikes that have killed thousands of innocent Pakistani civilians in our tribal areas. But then, American governments are known to do things like that: killing millions of innocent non-Americans on the pretext of saving their own citizens. What is disturbing is the fact that such blatant aggression directed against Pakistani citizens does not prick the conscience of those running our affairs. Is it not their fundamental responsibility to protect Pakistanis? Or do the Pakistani taxpayers pay their salaries and afford them honourable high offices so that they could facilitate the protection of American lives, while those they are supposed to protect are butchered mercilessly? In any case, there are numerous reasons to believe that all this death and destruction unleashed on Pakistan and various other countries has nothing to do with protecting the lives of American people, but is actually an excuse to grab the resources of targeted countries and to define the geographic and political contours in the targeted regions that would facilitate this criminal greed for the wealth of others. In the process, hundreds of billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money find their way to the arms industry, the shady intelligence operations, private security contractors and powerful construction firms. Fed by the perpetual media propaganda and intimidated by legislation like the Homeland Security Act, brainwashed to chase the illusion of the American dream and distracted by the worship of deranged celebrities, the American citizens that are supposed to be protected are led to believe this hogwash. The question remains: Why does the Pakistani leadership continue to play the role of a slave in this murderous farce? For too long, we have played along, allowing ourselves to be butchered and robbed. Even when it has become as clear as daylight that the United States shakes our hand to twist our arm and lock it for effective strangulation, why do we continue to speak the language of friendship? Why do we continue to chant mantras about how important our relationship with the US is when it is obvious that there is nothing in it for us but subjugation, impoverishment and, eventually, death? How can we keep talking about removing the irritants in our relationship when the very basis of that relationship is exploitation and our annihilation as a state? How can we keep following the pied piper when we know where it is leading us to with its false hypnotic music of lies and deception, carrots and sticks? Surely, there is no point in trying to perform a balancing act when it comes to our relationship with the US. There is no balance to be achieved with the slippery devil when it has made up its mind to destroy you. When it retreats a few steps, it is but a tactical momentary retreat. When it dangles carrots of benefits, it is only to deceive us. When it tempts us with illusory market access and financial assistance, it is to lure us deeper into its deathly trap. Its goals are clear and it is determined to execute them eventually. All that falls on the way is a matter of detail. And only those blinded by the glitter of its gold or fooled by its mantra of democracy and human rights, those bribed by crumbs of power and driven by petty personal gains, fail to see that its goals could never be ours. What could illustrate it better than the CIA Director's recent statement? Do we not hear him saying that the United States will continue to use remote-controlled flying toys to rain missiles on innocent Pakistanis, children, women, the elderly and unarmed civilians included, because it serves its falsely defined goals? What stops us from shooting these toys down; these unmanned aerial vehicles that are little more than sport for those guiding them on screens, munching candy and gulping colas thousands of miles away? What stops us from halting the endless convoys of containers taking supplies to an unscrupulous army occupying our neighbour; to soldiers that kill Afghan children for sport and cut their fingers for trophies, get their arms tattooed with a new skull every time they kill another innocent citizen in a country they've reduced to hell? Why must we keep supplying them with water and booze, peanut butter and toilet rolls, and bullets and guns to kill more people whose only fault is that they inhabit a land that the global badmash would like to control? Should we not bring an end to our acquiescence in this murder of humanity? Should we not protect our citizens from murder at the hands of trigger-happy cowboys let loose in our country and the massacre of our people by joy-stick wielding video-game buffs holed up in Virginia, USA? Those in awe of the super-duper power say we cannot do it. They say, we should allow the US to rob us of trillions because it has promised to give us $7.5 billion over the next five years. They say, we should allow its remote-controlled flying toys to kill our fellow citizens because it has promised us some helicopters and night-vision devices. They say, it is too powerful so we must remain on its right side. Do they not see that no matter what we do, we will never be on its right side? The only hope we have for a bright future is to stop this mindless balancing act and stand up against the global bully. It is high time we stop pleading and protesting and, through our actions, let it be known to the United States that we are no longer its partner in the spurious war on terror. The writer is a freelance columnist.