MULTAN - Senior leader of PML-N Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that the time has come to wage final war for the protection of Pakistan, asking entire nation to play its role in this sacred struggle. Talking to the journalists here on Saturday, he said that the only way to protect Pakistan was to bring national wealth back to the country from foreign banks. He said that imposition of new taxes would create further anarchy in the country, tossing the suggestion that looted national money should be recovered from the influential instead of further pressing poor people. Referring to prevailing scenario, he said that poverty, unemployment, hunger and lawlessness had made the lives of masses highly miserable. Instead of taking meaningful measures to get the public rid of these problems, the rulers are preparing to impose new taxes. Its highly condemnable, he added. He said that the poor were dying of hunger and the time had come to fight the case of Pakistan instead of doing the politics of province, creed, colour or language. He said that the enemies of Islam and Pakistan had launched a joint offensive against this country. This is high time that the youth of the nation unite at one platform and foil the attempts of enemies, he added. He said that he was alive for the sake of Pakistan and would not flinch from offering any sacrifice for this country. He said that the trio of US, India and Israel had launched attack against Pakistan and the ideological as well as geographical foundations of this country were under threat. We need the passion the nation exhibited in 1947. Our leadership has become corrupt and we have to prevent them from sucking masses blood, he maintained. He anticipated that the people would automatically prosper if looted national wealth was recovered from so called political leaders. He said that Nawaz League was a revolutionary party and it would open the doors of free education to all. He said that no one could prevent Pakistan from becoming a super power if the youth of this country got united and confronted corrupt rulers.