I went to purchase a laptop yesterday. I was much excited after getting it but soon it turned out that there were many faults in its. It was not working in the way that I was told by the salesperson. Technology is flourishing across the world at a very fast pace. Unfortunately, at this stage the dealers and salespersons have found ways to hoodwink the people, especially those who have little knowledge about modern gadgets. Nowadays sellers who are selling technology are not only having insufficient knowledge but also used to telling lies and misguide the customers. Today in tech market people who dont have background knowledge and understanding are at the helm and are misguiding the people only to make a quick buck. They cant guide you and speak only what companies tell them to say to the customers. What sellers really do is that they will not offer you a complete package. While show you a laptop or a computer, they will stash the accessories offered by the companies and sell them as separate products. Chargers, batteries, plugs, switches and memory card etc are offered by the companies along with the main product but salespersons sell them separately, for which action is required by the authorities concerned. The software that is sold separately ranges between Rs 7000 to Rs 10000. While buying a laptop or other such product, one should ensure that it is properly sealed. Hadia Riaz, April 16.