British Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed that "virtually every country around the world" wants Colonel Gaddafi to step down as leader of Libya . Dismissing suggestions that the anti-Gaddafi coalition had changed its war aims, the prime minister said that when he joined the presidents of the US and France in publishing a joint article saying that Gaddafi would have to go, the three leaders were merely expressing world opinion. "If you stop and think about it, the idea that at the end of all this somehow you could keep in place Colonel Gaddafi , who is even as we speak right now murdering his own civilians in Misrata the idea that he's got a part to play in the future of Libya must be wrong," Cameron said. The publication of the joint article on Friday prompted calls for the recall of parliament, on the grounds that it implied regime change was now the main goal of the coalition. In an interview with Sky News on Sunday, Cameron rejected this analysis.