OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Days after the death of legendary stage artist Mastana, another trend-setter artist of Punjabi stage dramas Babbu Baraal , who breathed his last on Friday night, was laid to rest at Shah Fareed Graveyard here on Saturday amidst thousands of his fans rolling tears on their cheeks. He was 47. In showbiz circles, he was considered as the king of stage drama. His Qul will be held on Sunday (today) at his residence in Sabzazaar. The artist was passed away on late Friday night at Sharif Medical Complex after long suffering from chronic renal failure (kidney disease), cancer and hepatitis for the last two and half years. He was the sole bread-earner of his six-member family including two adopted children. The funeral prayer of the late artist was attended by a large number of his fellow artists, family members, relatives and fans. On the occasion, Nargis and Sakhi Sarwar announced to bear expenses of bread and butter of grieved family. The artists while sharing their sorrow said the vacuum created after his death could not be filled. They said Babbu Baraals services for stage drama would be remembered forever as he was the trend-setter comedian who spent his life for grin of his fans. A condolence reference for Babbu Baraal was held at Alhamra Arts Council wherein the participants paid rich tribute to the late artist. Lahore Arts Council Chairman Attaul Haq Qasmi also decided to shutdown the activities at Alhamra, The Mall and Alhamra Cultural Complex for one day. Baraal was a famous comedian who achieved several national and international awards after having participated in comedy shows in Pakistan, India and many other Asian and European countries. Babbu started his career from theatre in 1981 by performing a role in a stage play Bhukhey Hath Betaira and did more than 400 stage dramas including Shartia Mithey, Kuch Na Kaho, Mundey Shararti, Ashiqo Gham Na Kro. He ruled the hearts of stage drama lovers all over his career spread over almost three decades. He was one of those stage actors who always make fun of themselves by uttering dialogues based on their own faults and human errors. While the fans of Punjabi stage actor were in the shock with the death of Mastana (Murtaza Hassan), the death of Babbu Baraal made their grief doubled. Within one week time, two great stage artists left this world with a hope in their heart for any kind of assistance from any governmental institution. Two weeks ago Babbu Baraal got some wounds in his toes which were unable to heal due to high blood sugar. Doctors cut all of his right foot fingers to stop the infection spread to other parts of the body. Veteran stage artist Babbu Baraal spent a good part of his life in insinuating the minds of his audience and bringing a smile to peoples faces through his performance at theatres, film and television.