Pakistan has a very basic private public transport system, and one that is completely inadequate for the size of our urban population, and its transport need, especially in the top 50 urban cities of the country. What we need in the quest of developing an efficient private public transport system in Pakistan is some better policies. For instance routes are given to transporters which is good policy, however along with this they should be given good incentives to operate CNG buses, with a/c and heating facility. For this policy, complete duty on each new CNG bus brought on the roads should be waived. Companies like Hino should be promoted to locally assemble more CNG busses, for at least 2 years, till Pakistan has a sufficient quantity of quality busses, on the roads. And also for future we must build enough capacity to export buses competitively in regional markets like the gulf. Each of these extra big buses should be properly numbered and painted every year in order to enhance potential income from advertisement. Once a clean, safe, punctual, good quality public private transport system there is 100 percent chance that the population of Pakistan both middle and lower income classes will happily shift to using it on a daily basis. Also other benefits will be that: Firstly there will be less traffic jams on the roads. With CNG busses, less import of costly fossil fuel will be required. Thirdly, qualified and better trained bus drivers of these buses, will make the roads and buses much more safer for public. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, April 16.