India and Pakistan have failed to meet their own mid-April targets of releasing civilian prisoners and fishermen, says a report in Quoting diplomatic sources, it said India had committed to the release of 71 prisoners, whose nationality was confirmed by Islamabad and who had completed their sentences in India . However, New Delhi managed to release barely 39 prisoners on 14 April, holding back 32 other Pakistanis. Similarly, Pakistan has only set free 89 people after acknowledging the presence of 309 Indians, 63 civilians and 243 fishermen, in Pakistani prisons. Against this backdrop, the Indo-Pak Joint Judicial Committee, which was set up in 2007, is to meet in Islamabad next week to take stock of the prisoners. The committee, which has eight retired judges as members, four each from India and Pakistan , is authorised to investigate the condition of imprisoned civilians and help facilitate their release especially that of fishermen imprisoned for straying across territorial waters. The committee has so far held three meetings and given several recommendations. The two countries are scheduled to exchange complete lists of prisoners on 1 July under an agreement on consular access, which was signed in May 2008. Staff reporter from Karachi adds: At least 22 Indian fishermen with seven boats were arrested by Maritime Security Agency (MSA) here on Saturday midnight for violating the Pakistan territorial waters. A spokesman of the MSA told on Saturday that the fishermen had been handed over to the docks police after initial investigation. Agencies add: Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Saturday said that his job would be well done if he succeeds in normalising relations between India and Pakistan . When asked what are the five things he would like to achieve in India-Pakistan relationship, Dr Singh said: I think five is too much, If I can succeed in normalising relations between India and Pakistan as they should prevail between two normal states, I would consider my job well done. Manmohan was addressing a news conference onboard his aircraft enroute Kazakhstan capital Astana to New Delhi.