ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'plan to split when Twilight comes to an end. Sources close to the couple say, while they have never made their romance official, they will leave fans in no doubt they are single once the second part of Breaking Dawn hits cinema screens next year. The truth is Robert and Kristen are very different people and want different things, says a source close to the pair. They do not want to be tied down but at the same time they do not want to have to film or promote the last two Twilight movies with the subject of their private life high on the agenda. They plan to split quietly as the franchise comes to an end which will also please the producers. Pattinson recently admitted he thinks people can fall for each other as soon as they meet and says if theres not an initial attraction, its hard to ever develop feelings for that person. I think people can fall in love at first sight, Rob said. I think pretty much all people who love each other, had some kind of thing at first sight. I mean, there has to be some kind of moment where you, like, feel a different energy around someone. Generally, if you dont notice someone ever, youre probably not going to fall in love with them. SS