LAHORE Private schools especially having chains in the City have increased their school fees from 25 to 40 percent putting the inflation crushed parents in trouble, it was learnt during a survey conducted by TheNation on Saturday. Most of the salaried parents have demanded any regulatory body to monitor the fees of these schools. Not only the fees have been increased but books prices have also been increased by the publishers and book sellers at their own. There was no such department to check these prices also, lamented Hamid Javed, a father of kid studying in ESENA Foundation. He said that his son was a student of class 8th and it was very difficult for him to continue his study. He said apart from fees increased by 25 to 40 percent he had to pay Rs 7,500 only to purchase his sons three books. When I would have to purchase his all books it would cost about Rs 15,000 to 20,000, he maintained. Another father of a female student said that his daughter was studying at Saint Dominic Convent School. The school management was not only increasing the school fees every year but also looting the parents with both hands. They receive not only high fees but also huge amounts in other heads like recreational trips, building funds and others. He said that his daughter has to pay Rs 500 to get a single snap drawn during any school function. Another senior citizen seeking anonymity said that his grandson was studying at Crescent Model School and father of kid was paying Rs 5,000 per month for his class one school fee. Saeed Khan, resident of Gulshan-e-Ravi, said that the management of Lahore Grammar School was charging Rs 15,000 as school fee for class I student. All the parents were of the view that these private schools were enjoying full independence to charge the school fees at their own and there was no regulatory body in the province to check these schools in this regard. Reason behind this independence was that all these famous chains of schools were owned by parliamentarians and politicians. No government wanted to displease these people by checking them in connection with the fee increase, said a father of a kid. He said that missionary schools had also increased their fees. He said that a regulatory body was formed during the tenure of last government but it could not survive due to the reasons best known to the former government. All the above said parents have demanded formation of regulatory body to make these educational institutions bound to follow its instruction regarding increase of school fee.