OUR STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Tennis Federation has started the summer camp for school kids here at PTF Centre on Saturday. About 60 children from Beacon House, Head Starts , City and Elite International Schools took part in the inaugural ceremony, which started at 10 a.m. and finished at 12:30 p.m. PTF spokesman Irshad Bhatti distributed rackets and balls among the kids who gathered there for the opening ceremony. This was a great experience for the toddlers as most of them had never been on the tennis courts before and the joy and excitement was clearly witnessed on their faces. Speaking on the occasion. Irshad Bhatti said Kaleem Imam, President Pakistan Tennis Federation, soon after taking charge as president had promised to promote tennis at the grassroots level and with the inauguration of this Summer Camp he had fulfilled his first promise and had taken the first step towards achieving this goal. "We can only produce champions not only at country level but also at world level by grooming the talent at the grassroots level as Aqeel Khan and Jaleel Khan are fast reaching at that stage where their replacement is very much essential and a long term replacement is only possible through grooming talent at the earliest," he said. The kids were introduced with camp commandant Hamidul Haq, former Davis Cupper, who himself was a great champion and had won many national and international tournaments and the Govt of Pakistan acknowledged his services by giving him the Pride of Performance Award. The credit for holding a well organised and disciplined event must be given to the PTF and specially to its Vice President Irshad Bhatti as they have arranged world class coaches for these kids' training which included Zulfiqar Rahim, Mahboob Khan, well renowned coach and the coach of Pakistan no 1 tennis player Sarah Mahboob, Rashid Ali, Zafar Kahn and Hamidul Haq, the winner of more than 168 national and internal tournaments. Looking at these steps it seems the PTF is serious in brining tennis at par to other sports of the country. This Summer Camp was although arranged for the kids just to give them simple knowledge about tennis but with brining in such big names for their coaching the PTF must be given the due credit and Kaleem Imam, President Pakistan Tennis Federation, has once again proved his words right, first he had raised the salaries of the PTF lower staff who were getting less than Rs7000 despite serving for more than 15 years to Rs 8000 and more and now he has started a Summer Camp which will go a long way in serving tennis not only in the country but also internationally as the champions can only be produced through proper training and guidance and with the help of above mentioned past greats. No one in the past even thinks of providing rackets and balls and other playing stuff to the kids. The current PTF management has set an example for others to follow.