OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The meeting held for the reorganisation of the Punjab PML-Ns Lawyers Forum was badly marred by the rumpus created by a group of lawyers mainly hailing from the capital city at the Lahore High Court Bar Association on Saturday. The meeting started in the morning with MNA and Punjab chief organiser Ch Naseer Ahamd Bhutta in the chair. During the meeting, a group of lawyers led by Sirajul Islam stood up and came near the rostrum, and chanted slogans and hooted whenever a speaker came to address the gathering of the forums office-bearers from across the Punjab. These lawyers were up in arms, saying that the meeting was unlawful as no central chief organiser of the forum had been appointed. Ch Naseer and others did their best to calm down the protesting lawyers but they continued to raise slogans during everyones speech. In order to bring down the temperature, Advocate Azam Chauhan was called to the rostrum to recite a poem of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi but the agitated lawyers continued to chant slogans. Chauhan snubbed the protesting lawyers, saying they were creating the scene at the behest of some outsiders. Afterwards, Manzoor Ahmad from Mianwali humiliated the protestors while dubbing their howling with that of wolves and this charged up the large number of other sitting lawyers who then started raising slogans against the protestors and for Nawaz Sharif and the present organising body. Most of the lawyers wanted to be heard and hear others but a small chunk continued to create disturbance which however continued till the end of the proceedings. Later, Ch Salman Gujjar from Gujranwala termed the protest against the interests of the party, saying they were opportunists playing game of others. Subsequently, Sirajul Islam said that the lawyers were not against the meeting but the fact that no consultation or discussion was held before naming the chief provincial organiser. In his view, the workers and the lawyers who rendered tremendous sacrifices for the party had been ignored in connection with the appointments. He wanted that all stakeholders should be taken on board for deciding re-organisational matters of the forum. The meeting ended at successful note with the protesting lawyers exhausted and the peaceful proceedings started. Bhutta authorised the presidents of the forum at district and tehsil levels to organise lawyers and do as per the instructions of PML-N Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He said, We all are united and no differences exist among us and the protest by a group was a part of democracy that they accept cordially. Arshad Jadoon said the nomination of the body had come through Nawaz Sharif and they would act as per his commands. He also asked the office-bearers to carry out organisational work at their respective level.