The police have decided to establish three separatewings to deal with crimes of various natures and ensure disposal of cases at the earliest to provide maximum relief to complainants.First wing would deal with the cases of murder, attempt to murder, kidnap, kidnapping for ransom while second wing would deal the cases of dacoity, snatching valuables at gunpoint, theft and burglary.Similarly, third wing will have responsibility to deal with cases of drug peddling, gambling, and possessing illegal weapons and fraudulent activities.I think this is a healthy idea and we will see positive results in the future.Welfare steps for the policemen should also be kept in mind and should be given top priority so that they could perform in an effective manner to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens. Accountability was much crucial for bringing improvement in performance and Islamabad police should adopt it in a transparent manner with encouragement to those showing good performance and purging out those employees involved in dereliction of duties. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, April 15.