OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - The City District Government on Saturday night stopped Sunni Ittehad Council from holding Istehqam-e-Pakistan Conference at Minar-e-Pakistan on Sunday (today). The law enforcement agencies removed the seating and sound arrangements made by the SIC men at the venue and arrested over a dozen activists. Rebutting claims of SIC regarding withdrawal of earlier given permission, a CDG officer said that SIC had never been given permission to hold the conference at Minar-e-Pakistan due to security reasons. He said the SIC was offered to hold conference at Ateeq stadium instead of Minar-e-Pakistan ground but it refused. He said that the CDG has made it clear to the organisers that secuirity could not be provided at Minar-e-Pakistan which was open from all sides. However, Atiq stadium was a safe place as it was closed from three sides. He said MQM was also disallowed to hold public meeting at Minar-e-Pakistan for the same reason. SIC Chairman Sahibzada Fazal Karim said that disallowing meeting at already decided venue was a conspiracy to please foreign masters. He alleged that rulers were giving the terrorists free hand to carryout activities by blocking the voice of patriotic citizens. He warned that Ahle Sunnat people were now united and would give a tit for tat reply to thwart any opposition that came their way. He said SIC would take revenge of every injustice and crime against the Ahle Sunnat people in the next general elections by fielding their own candidates.