BEIJING (APP) Pakistan leading private sector bank, United Bank Limited (UBL), is offering to help Chinese enterprises explore the international markets in Pakistan and Middle East countries. UBL has witnessed robust growth and closer cooperation with Chinese business partners since establishing an office in Beijing in 2007, according to a bank announcement on Saturday. It facilitates Chinese companies in contracting, trade and treasury services by taking advantage of its long experience operating in Pakistan and Middle East countries. Wajahat Husain, the companys Group Executive and Head of International said at a reception in Beijing the other day that we have provided background support, such as the environment, policy and social customs, for Chinese investors in four countries - Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Yemen. The trade between the United Arab Emirates and China has reached around $24 billion, and UBL , which has its international headquarters based in the UAE and strong relationships with government as well as top tier business groups, can be seen as making a positive contribution to the trade growth, said Wajahat Husain. He also said Chinese investors show a growing, new interest in Bahrain, although the trade volume between the two holds at $0.77 billion. UBLs Bahrain branch mainly participates in infrastructure, manufacturing, trading and retail. Tianjin Pipe International Economic and Trading Cooperation has been in cooperation with UBL for about 20 years, and Xu Xiuqing, the Chinese companys Middle East and Former Soviet Regional Manager, said she is very satisfied with the high quality and good service of UBL . In Wajahat Husains view, Chinese investors research well before investing in foreign countries and UBL is committed to be a trusted partner to Chinese out-bound business as the two neighbours celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations.