A man arrested for allegedly assaulting a fellow student to death claimed on Monday he was incited by the university administration to level blasphemy allegations against Mashal Khan, local media reported.

Wajahat, one of the 22 suspects arrested in connection with Khan’s lynching , said in his confessional statement he was called to the Chancellor’s Office on April 13.

“At least 15-20 people, including lecturers Ziaullah and Asfandyar, were present in the office. The administration told me Mashal and his friends have committed blasphemy,” a private news channel quoted the suspect as saying.

“Acting on the administration’s directives , I delivered a hate speech against Mashal and his friends. I told other students that I myself have heard (them) committing blasphemy.”

Wajahat said had he known that a conspiracy was being hatched against Mashal and his friends he would have never attended the university on the day of the incident.