I am a common man, a senior citizen. In my 41 years of service as a senior clerk, I had never taken a single rupee of haram and invested my savings in public shares. For the last 30 years, I have been using the standard Share Transfer Deed (STD) provided by various companies or purchased blank from the stationery shops. It is a general practice that transfer deeds are kept blank with out details of the potential new purchasers and are pre verified from the concerned company for sale at any time. Now, however, I have come across new kind of STDs which have a new column viz entries for the NIC numbers of both the seller and the purchaser. This has created a logical confusion in my mind that if the NIC details were required now, which of course I do appreciate for security purpose, then what is the status of the old STDs which people have long kept pre-verified with out any NIC column therein? I approached SECP, the main monitoring and regulatory authority concerning stock exchange shares, requesting the information on the issue. The response from SECP that I received recently is in one sentence. "We have no concern with transfer deeds". -JAVED, Karachi, via e-mail, January 28.