BAGHDAD (AFP) - Eleven people including Shia devotees returning to Baghdad were killed and dozens wounded in roadside bombings and shootings in Iraq on Monday, medical and police sources said. They said four people were killed and 13 hurt, including two women, in Al-Obeidi district of east Baghdad when a bomb blast hit a bus returning from the pilgrimage in the Shia shrine city of Karbala, south of the capital. Another four people died and 11 were wounded when a second roadside explosion ripped through a bus in the slum district of Sadr City on the final day of a mourning period for Shias, police said. It was the second deadly bombing in as many days in Sadr City. The attacks came as devotees in the holy city of Karbala marked the 40th day after Ashura under tight security. Three people including an Iraqi soldier were also killed on Monday in separate incidents in the northern city of Mosul, considered by the US military to be the last urban stronghold of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Mosul police officer Yasser Musaab said a Sunni man was shot dead in a car in the centre of the city, an incident in which another person was injured. Another Sunni was gunned down in western Mosul while walking along a street. The soldier was killed in the west of the city by an explosion targeting an army patrol. While, four teenagers were killed and 11 wounded when their football struck and detonated an abandoned rocket in an empty lot of the southern Iraqi city of Amara on Monday, police said. "The teenagers, aged 14 and 15 , were playing football not far from a stadium when the ball hit a rocket," said police officer Ali Mohammed, without giving further details about the device or how long it may have been there. "The device blew up, killing four and wounding 11," he said in the city 365 kilometres south of Baghdad.