A car bomb exploded on Tuesday outside the home of a Union councillor in Bazidkhel, just outside Peshawar , killing fuve people and wounding twelve, police officials said. The device detonated near a room used by Fahim-ur-Rehman to entertain guests, the officials said. "Five people were killed and twelve wounded when a bomb planted in a car exploded outside the guest house of Fahim-ur-Rehman," local police official Granullah Khan told a foreign news agency. "We have cordoned off the entire area and started rescue work. The injured have been taken to a local hospital," he said. "Rehman was at home at the time of the blast but is safe. Seven people were injured in the blast," police officer Liaqat Khan said. Police said the blast damaged two outer walls of Rehman's house and two neighbouring homes. An intelligence official confirmed the blast and said security teams were assessing the damage.