KARACHI - The education department of city district government has failed to start girls guide programme, scout and sports activities in the CDGK-run schools due to the delay in release of approved SMC funds worth Rs 70 million. The CDGK authorities had approved SMC funds to reactivate extra-curricular activities as well as to restore missing facilities in the schools. Sources in the education department disclosed that SMC funds had been allocated more than two years ago, but so far have not been released due to which various activities in these institutions could not be started. According to the planning, Rs 210/- per student had been approved for the schools which was to be spent on various activities besides improving physical structure and providing other missing facilities, sources said. But due to the delay in the release of funds all projects are in limbo. Moreover, the funds could also be utilised to remove the shortage of teachers in these schools. Sources further said that City Nazim Mustafa Kamal had approved a summary proposed by education department and declared that the schools would be allowed to use School Management Committees' (SMC) funds in the co-curricular activities such girl guide, scouts and sports competitions. It may be mentioned here the World Bank in its recommendation about good governance and reforms in education system in the Sindh province had stressed proper use of SMC fund in the interest of the students. While honouring these recommendations, Sindh education department allocated huge funds in this regard. City nazim Mustafa Kamal also approved and assured the delivery of SMS funds for this purpose.