REMINISCENT of the earlier tenure of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the so-called encounters between the police and those accused of serious crimes, mostly resulting in the deaths of the latter, have become too frequent for comfort. The common impression among the public is that they are stage managed with the intent of eliminating criminals, since the police do not want to go through the lengthy legal procedure needed to bring them to book. More or less the same story behind these encounters adds further to the doubt about their genuineness. But if the idea is to improve the law and order situation, the encounters have miserably failed as evident from the innumerable incidents of murders and robberies that take place every day. Besides, there is strong suspicion that some sort of grouse, and not criminal allegation, might be at the back of these staged managed armed conflicts. There is urgent need to curb the powers of the police and review the Police Order, 2002.