This is with reference to the news that Asif Zardari paid for the cost of Umra of his entire entourage. According to the details, he paid a whopping Rs. 24.9 million. The royal families around the world have a lifelong commitment to work for charities and so they do all their lives. They sponsor charities and work for the downtrodden of the world. But our royalty, the Zardari dynasty has outdone them all by selecting just 188 people out of 160 million Pakistanis for the benefit of its largesse. I am sure this sum of money could have gone a long way in mitigating the sufferings of the earthquake victims in Quetta or Frontier & AJK, helped in the reconstruction of schools in Swat, provided much needed facilities in Wana, Waziristan or Bajaur. I wish our leaders could just set their priorities right. -TALAAT KHURSHID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 27.