We hear a lot of rhetoric about the Long March for restoration of deposed judges with PML-N, PTI and JI joining in. I think it has now become a political thing. If judges are to be restored through marches and dharnas, then why do we have a parliament. I think Islamabad should not worry too much about this march and should send all the capital police on leave. With the cameras covering it, there can be no violence. And if there is, it would all be recorded and could be shown to the people to underscore that these custodians of law have behaved unlawfully. If there is any damage to the public property, the cost should be recovered from lawyers and the political parties supporting them. I propose the day this march is to reach Islamabad, there should be a local holiday so that office-goers, school children and others do not suffer on account of it. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, January 30.