AMID reports now becoming quite common that the confrontation between the PPP and the PML(N) is going to be indefinite, pleasant intermissions like the one on Sunday when Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif had a heart-to-heart talk, helps prevent the situation from going to the extreme. The agreement of the two leaders that anything that tends to destabilize the country would be eschewed is needed most by the nation, that faces numerous threats. It is also comforting to learn that in the backdrop of the coming Senate elections, both parties have committed themselves to respect each other's mandate and avoid horse-trading. In the meanwhile, due consideration must also be given to the reservations aired from both sides. Though earlier it was the interference of Governor Salman Taseer that was pinching the provincial set-up, now the PML(N) is complaining that the federal government is trying to poke its nose as well. Consider the statement by Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan, who insisted that appointments in the Punjab Cabinet must be completed. His contention that the long march would turn out to be a wrong march will be viewed with distaste among the PML(N) leaders who are trying their best to make the event successful. They are also of the view that the PPP-led government has been ignoring them when it comes to major issues like the Mumbai attacks. On the other side of the spectrum, the PPP is also sceptical of what the PML(N) has lately been up to. Among other matters, it thinks that the party's support to the lawyers is meant to weaken the PPP-led government. The sooner this seemingly unending crossfire comes to an end the better. Much also depends on the outcome of the Sharif brothers' electoral eligibility case currently being heard in the Supreme Court. The PML(N)'s contention that the cases were politically motivated and ought to be quashed appears to be legitimate. Unless vital issues of the sort are resolved, the possibility that mutual acrimony could derail the system will continue to stare us in the face.