LAHORE - Disorder prevailed during question hour at the Punjab Assembly on Monday when the speaker failed to keep discipline and his repeated requests for order in the House fell on deaf ear. The House became more of a co-education like classroom when the PPP's legislator Syed Hassan Murtaza said the opposition has no control over its female members. Opposition chided Minister for Education Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman by asking him to read written answer, and desk thumping. The opposition legislator Ijaz Shafi asked the minister to read out a written answer, and when he started reading after insistence, the members started thumping desks to acknowledge his expertise in reading Urdu . During hooting, the minister tried to turn tables on the Opposition by accusing former Punjab chief minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi of spending over Rs 500 million in his personal advertisement campaign. The opposition legislators strongly reacted to the remarks of the minister and leveled counter allegations. The members from both the sides leveled allegations against each other and their leadership. They paid no heed to the speaker's repeated requests for maintaining order in the House. The minister said 'the then CM Ch Pervaiz Elahi spent huge amount on his personal advertisement'. "The amount spent on the personal campaign of Ch Pervaiz Elahi was borrowed money. He (Pervaiz Elahi) replaced picture of Quaid-e-Azam on text books with his own and spent public money on his advertisement campaign". The opposition legislators said that instead of introducing any policy, the present government was criticising the previous regime. Earlier, the opposition legislators tried to make fun of the minister by insisting on policy statement during supplementary question on the issue of allowing leave to students from Lahore College for Women University for performing religious rituals. Muhammad Yar Hiraj insisted the minister to give a statement on the floor of the House that from what date the government was allowing female students to get leave for performing Hajj, Umra and other religious rituals. The minister said that he knew the answer but the member should submit a separate question as this did not fall in the category of supplementary question. Muhammad Yar Hiraj said that he had no objection if the minister gets information from the secretary education and passes it to the House. During supplementary question on the issue of recruitment in the education department, PPP legislator Hassan Murtaza said that the opposition was saying the recruitment was delayed because the coalition parties had not reached any consensus. He said that the opposition should answer that for what purpose Moonis Elahi force was made. He asked the speaker to take notice of the abuses from the Q-League female legislators. "Sir please take action against female members from the Q-League. They are in the habit of offensive gesturing with eyes and hands. The female member has abused him and I request you to take action against her", Hassan Murtaza pleaded. The speaker asked the Q-League legislator that there was no harm in tendering apology if she had uttered harsh words to her any colleague. Hassan Murtaza said that the previous regime resorted to registration of false cases and even kicked opposition out of the House. He said that despite such treatment, the opposition never uttered objectionable words. "As opposition, we had good relations with our colleague on treasury benches. Even now we have cordial relations with male opposition members. But the Q-League members have no control over their females", Hassan Murtaza remarked. On a point of order, Shuja Khanzada said that the House should appreciate the NWFP Chief Minister for reaching to an agreement with Taliban. He expressed concern over the reports that the Drones were flying from bases in Pakistan. He said that the House should discus the issue of Drone attacks. Ali Haider Noon said that the Drone attacks was the most important issue. Uzma Bokhari said that both the Defense and Foreign Ministers have clarified that Drones were not flown from Pakistani soil. She said that there was no reason in making it an issue.