ISLAMABAD - Strongly rejecting the allegations levelled by a foreign journalist that he was in coordination with the Taliban, former President Pervez Musharraf here on Monday said that such allegations were part of a malicious campaign designed to defame Pak Army and intelligence agencies. "I never said to late Benazir Bhutto that her security was dependent upon her relations with me", he said while addressing a press conference at the residence of his friend Brigadier (r) Niaz. Referring to the book authored by New York Times journalist, David E Sanger, Musharraf said that what the journalist had written in his book about his (Musharraf's) conversation with Benazir Bhutto was totally untrue and unfounded. He said that he was not a man of that kind who could use such 'cheap' language. He said that he had clarified his position before the world regarding allegations levelled against him in Sanger's book 'and now it depends upon the government what action it takes against such unfounded reports'. Addressing Sanger he said, "Get your facts corrected, I have never double-dealt". On the reports of bugging of military officers phones, Musharraf said that it was simply impossible to tape military's communication system. He said that an international conspiracy was being hatched against Pakistan . "There is a big conspiracy being hatched against Pakistan , to weaken its army and the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence Agency), to weaken the country," said Musharraf . Pervez Musharraf said that attempts were being made to malign the armed forces. He said that the allegations being levelled against the armed forces and ISI by foreign journalists and authors would lead to the defeat in war on terror. "If Pakistan 's army or the ISI were weakened due to certain conspiracies, the international community would lose the war on terror," he noted. "We remained ally with the world community in war against terrorism for 8 years. The whole world including China and Japan was showing serious concern over the terrorist activities. If I was doing any double deal then why the world agencies didn't point it out," he questioned. He strongly rebutted the media reports that he, during his rule, had any kind of tacit deal with the Taliban. "I myself was attacked by terrorists, our intelligence agency, our army and our air force have suffered a lot from these forces, then how ridiculous it would be to allege that we have some kind of clandestine relations or contacts with the Taliban", he observed. He said that around 1,500 security personnel had been killed in the 'war on terror'. "How can I show leniency towards elements who tried to kill me and attacked our army and intelligence agencies," he said, lashing out at Sanger. Pervez Musharraf said that the allegations of his double dealing with the Taliban in the book, "The Inheritance: The world Obama confronts and the challenges to American power", were a white lie and a distortion aimed at creating misunderstandings. "This malicious campaign was directed against him, the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence", he added. He described the claims made in Sanger's book as 'white lie' that he had been backing the Taliban while receiving aid from US to fight against terror. Former President said that he had been fighting against terrorism for eight years with full dedication. "If our army or intelligence agencies were having double deal then why the international powers with all their spy networks could not blame us and kept on appreciating our services", he asked. Criticising the agreement reached between NWFP government and Tehreek Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi, Musharraf said that it was totally unjustified in the backdrop of what the terrorists had been doing against the law enforcing agencies and unarmed civilians of the country. Responding to a question he said that all the intelligence agencies all over the world were working to serve the interests of their respective countries and ISI was also performing its duties in the national interest. When asked about his deal with Tehreek Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi during his regime, Musharraf said that no deal had been struck in Swat as Sufi Muhammad was in jail and Maulana Fazlullah was hiding in the mountains. "Our strategy was based on military, political and economic development," he observed. On Mumbai carnage, former President said that if there were some Pakistani elements behind those acts of terrorism, they should be brought to light. "But it should be remembered that Pakistan is a great power and possesses nuclear arsenal therefore no one can dare to harm us", he added. "By the grace of Almighty Allah Pakistan is a country of 170 million people and is equipped with nuclear and missile power, and therefore, no one should remain under any delusion in this regard and we should rely on our force", he stated.