ISLAMABAD - As many as 45 musicians associated with the Radio stations of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have demanded of the PPP-led government to regularise them, as it would not only provide them with institutional patronage but would also mitigate their financial constraints. Music has been used through ages to express the whole range of human emotions, be it sorrows of unfulfilled love, pangs of separation, death, and deprivation or celebration of happy occasions. At the same time it is also true that though these artists burn midnight oil to give a superb production, yet in terms of reward they have always faced multiple problems due to lack of institutional and government support that results in financial constraints for these entertainers. Predominately classical musicians are facing a challenge of survival. In today's world when prices are skyrocketing and it has become difficult for an average income person to bear everyday expenditure in his limited salary package, musicians are compelled to work on daily wages. At present, they are paid according to fixed pay scales namely AA, A, B and Outstanding, which was fixed many years before. Music Director Khalid Khan who is also President of the All Pakistan Music Council Rawalpindi/Islamabad and is working for the twin cities' radio stations told TheNation that despite having served for 25 years he was yet to be regularised and was getting salary according to the pay scale mentioned above. It was in September 1974, Zilfikar Ali Bhutto recognised "any worth" of the musicians and ordered to regularise them, but unfortunately, only a group of musicians earned the fruits of that decision. That selective group was made permanent, and later Gen Ziaul Haq imposed ban on regularisation of musicians. As president of All Pakistan Music Council Rawalpindi/Islamabad, I am requesting the government of Pakistan People's Party to regulate musicians, as manifesto of PPP clearly states about facilitating artists community and protecting their rights ", he appealed. He opined that the artists had been attached since long with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), Lok Virsa (Cultural Heritage Museum), Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) and Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), but at the same time they are being offered no financial support. Sulman Adal, a flute-player and Vice President of All Pakistan Music Council Rawalpindi/Islamabad was also not happy with the attitude of the authorities concerned toward especially the instrumental music masters. They are, he said leading a very tough life due to economic burdens and because of the lack of support. He said that artists also needed financial security besides awards and appreciation. "Recently, almost 748 employees of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation have been regularised throughout country including technical staff and other officials. We are also associated with this organization for years, and our role should also be considered by notifying us as a permanent employees", he added. Another eminent musician Shukat Manzoor opined that musicians' talent must get patronage and opening, which were denied in the past. We are waiting for steps on the part of the government that could help us in overcoming our financial constraints, he said.