LAHORE - The All Pakistan Textiles Mills Association (Punjab-chapter) has expressed grave concern over the recently imposed 10 per cent anti-dumping duty on import of Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF) from China by the National Tariff Commission. The APTMA termed it as a setback to Pakistan's textile exports and urged the government to review the anti-dumping law and its implementation mechanism. According to a press release issued on Monday, the APTMA has appealed to the Textile Minister and the Commerce Minister to look into the crisis created by the anti dumping duty and the increase in prices and start proceedings against the price fixing by the PSF cartel. PSF being a basic raw material for the manufacture of textiles and garments, the burden of anti-dumping duty has resulted in increase of PSF selling price and will further render Pakistani textile products uncompetitive in the global textile market. According to the complaints of the textile manufacturers, taking advantage of the monopolistic position created by the anti-dumping duties PSF manufacturers are increasing the price dramatically and to take full advantage of the increase are refusing deliveries to even their regular clients who are willing to pay cash in advance to keep their mills running. Undeterred by the absence of an appellate tribunal that should have been in place according to the Anti Dumping Duty Ordinance, the National Tariff Commission has been proceeding with impunity and gay abandon in taxing raw material import that hurts the industrial and re-export potential of the country. During the last ten days, PSF companies have enhanced their trade restrictive practices by refusing PSF supplies to textile mills and creating a shortage scare. This has added to the woes of the textile industry on account of financial constraints and non-availability of gas and electricity.