For the past few years, authorities seem to hope for a miracle rather than work hard to make road accidents disappear. I have personally witnessed how a third year student of Karachi University's BS (Economics) evening programme, Syeda Anum Zehra was crushed to death by a speeding truck in front of the Silver Jubilee entrance on Saturday when she was waiting for the bus. In Pakistan, there is an unwritten rule that the privilege to use the road space belongs only to the heavy vehicles. If a heavy vehicle runs over a sidewalk or a pedestrian area, it is deemed no crime. But a pedestrian walking on the edge of the road is not to be forgiven, or at least, that is the attitude of the drivers of heavy vehicles. Over-speeding, reckless driving, encroaching in violation of stopline, in difference to school/hospitals zones, universities, even jumping of red lights is all fair game if you are on the steering of a heavy vehicle. If we continue to remain silent spectators, nothing is ever going to change here. Now we have to wake up. Concerned authorities should seriously investigate the matter and expose the people responsible for this damnable act. -SUMBUL HAIDER, Karachi, via e-mail, January 27.