Sane versus insane voices, emotions versus logic, reality versus day- dreaming, we get to choose between either of these at a time. Sometimes, emotions overcome us, we dream, logics are defied and we travel through the wings of dreams to claim the wanted. Even within the most ignorant times, we end up getting vibes reflecting the truth. We may ignore them, and behavioral fluctuations often carry us to most unknown territories, but, we do hit the reality and sanity prevails. But, the length of either of these spells in any stage of our life defines our success and failure.

Though, success is subjective and satisfaction derived from it depends on the methodologies applied. It varies profoundly among individuals but we all strive for it. It could also be defined in terms of conscious, rationality and worthiness one can achieve through concrete reasoning. It can also be derived from complete submission to divine power.Some attempt to become humanist and others opt for a more pluralistic approach. Few follow extreme religious values and shun moderate ways of living.

When both the extremes collide, war erupts and sects emerge blaming each other for intolerance and lack of basic values of freedom and liberty. For religious ones, liberty must be surrendered to divine doctrines and life must be lived within the parameters defined by the Almighty (SWT). Liberals assert a slogan: live and let others live. They argue, people must use the ‘will-to-act’ to make decisions in life and it should not be compromised at any cost.

This divide has led to birth of sects in our society, and, I believe, the parallel education system and immediate social structure is to blame for this huge disparity among past and present generations of Pakistan. Reflecting upon deeds and actions is more to do with religious sentiments in our part of the world. In non-religious societies humanity rules and the level of the human conscience about the impact of his actions dictates the level of morality attained by the non- religious sects.

Though, both the groups living in the same society: religious and non- religious may opt for same rationale learned either through religious sculpture and research work of scholars over the years culminated into interesting and knowledge packed curriculum design to equip the generations through education and practical demos to construct the minds of the generations.

What we confront in our society is an ever growing divide between those learning religious doctrines and getting apparently labeled extremists and inhuman creatures. Humanists get dictation largely from Western influenced literature and schooling in liberal and more humanist minded institutions. The gap between the twosect has been growing rapidly in recent times. Both sects bash each other for spreading hatred and imposing their agendas. The social division is evident. One can't achieve a middle ground. Tolerance is in short supply.

You will find Bakhtawar questioning the rationale behind prohibition to eat and drink publicly in Ramzan, but, the conservatives or rightest have embraced it happily. This is the prime example depicting the division between the two sects. Can we not find a middle ground which creates a harmonious relationship between the two? Or we change the system to build next generations on more balanced and moderate approach! With so much divide and intolerance level, institutional emergencies in education sector could be a start towards building a society where people accept and appreciate diversity.

Wrong perceptions create disasters. Education system is the key ingredient to design a thought process of an individual. Rather than running extreme parallel systems and some in-between blurred systems, we must embrace one system of education to hinder polarization. There has been so much uproar against Bakhtawar’s controversial tweet. She certainly made the case for older and sick people. She’s certainly right as we cannot expect everyone to fast. So, if a sick person is seen eating in public or elderly drinking water in very hot conditions, will it be fair to arrest them? Does it not defy logic?

When we can make the case against veil ban in some of the European countries and protest for rights then why cannot we give the same rights to minorities in Pakistan by letting them practice their life according to their religious norms? Under extreme weather conditions, sick and elderly can abstain from fasting, if health risk is pertinent.

I ask the government , what arrangements have they made to ensure no sale and consumption of alcohol in Pakistan during Ramzan in non-minority areas? Riba is also prohibited in Islam, why didn't government legislate to abolish it, knowing that prayers are not accepted of a person living off illegal wealth. Did the government take any steps to stop water mafia from openly supplying undrinkable and unhealthy water all over Pakistan? What measures have been taken to avoid hike in prices on rudimentary products? What strategy is in place against hoarders?

When government cannot stop the above mentioned evils, and it makes lame attempts to get support of the masses by taking such popular decisions, it should certainly not come up with the legislation which defies logic. Bridging the gap is a much needed move to go forward as a more gelled society. Decisions like this only creates more polarization and disharmony in societies and makes minorities more vulnerable, which is completely against the basic preaching of Islam. We must shun hypocrisy and embrace more moderate and balanced approach in decision making.