LAHORE - The National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDC) has inducted 127 junior engineers selected purely on merit through transparent process.

The aim of induction of junior engineers is to cop up with man power shortage and to expedite the projects of NTDC to mitigate the power crisis of the country. In this regard, an orientation session for the newly inducted junior engineers was arranged here at the Wapda House. During his welcome address, NTDC Managing Director Dr Fiaz Ahmad Chaudhry congratulated the young engineers and said that NTDC has selected the brains of the nation since they have to meet the emerging and daunting challenges of power sector. While comparing the existing power sector, he said that about 20,000MW available capacity was added during last 69 years, whereas NTDC has to build a huge infrastructure to cater for additional 20,000MW of power up to 2023-24. He committed that NTDC is all set to deliver its best. Dr Fiaz A Chaudhry urged the young engineers to have sense of ownership and company should be taken as home and worship place and every task assigned should be met judiciously. NTDC transmission network has spread throughout the country and it is the prime responsibility of every employee to protect the assets of the company. He said that NTDC is under transformation phase to make it corporate entity, employees have to identify their roles and should have business minded approach. He advised the engineers to have driving passion, mutual respect, leadership skills, use of resources and ability to work hard with honesty. He also shared the company`s core values and said that the NTDC is striving for reliable grid which will ultimately drive the country towards growth in terms of economy and development. He also advised the young engineers to adhere to the Islamic norms, ethics and to avoid immoral activities and Sifarish culture.

 NTDC will formulate commitment based policy for its employees and will reward them for their good work.