LAHORE - Punjab Food Authority Director General Noorul Amin Mengal along with Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin visited several international and local food outlets in the city Sunday, where they sealed Fat Burger while imposed heavy fine on Hardee’s MM Alam Road branch.

Fat Burger, on MM Alam Road, was sealed after PFA teams found the management using expired cooking oil. Also, the buns and bread being used there was also expired.

On the other hand, Hardee’s MM Alam Road branch was imposed fine Rs0.1 million over improper cleanliness measures. The American fast food chain was also found involved using expired cooking oil. On the other side, Salt’n Pepper Restaurant was de-sealed after it implemented the reforms. Last week, the MM Alam branch of the restaurant was sealed over improper cleanliness measures.

DG Noorul Amin Mengal expressed PFA determination to continue the raids against those involve in providing substandard food working in unhygienic environment to citizens.

A day earlier, the PFA DG during raids imposed Rs200,000 fine to Pizza Hut Branch MM Alam Road over improper cleanliness measures. The raw material that was used in Pizza Hutt was without proper labelling and did not have the address of respective production units mentioned.


PFA on Sunday raided a production unit of Pure Foods juice manufacturing factory located at Sheikhupura Road and caught 500,000 packets of substandard juice.

DG Noor ul Amin Mengal led the PFA raid and upon finding the juice manufacturing without pulp and chemicals, the factory was sealed immediately.

“Producing juice without pulp is a heinous crime. Juices are very much popular among children. If such juices would be coming in the market without proper check this could cause stomach diseases and cancer too,” Mengal said.

He appealed parents to give fresh juice of fruits to their children in order to avoid the diseases prevailing among children.