Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board has approved renaming of four roads in Islamabad after Agha Nasir , Safwat Ghayor Shaheed, Capt Mobin Shaheed and Aitazaz Hassan Shaheed.

The approval was accorded by CDA Board in its 6th meeting for year 2017 held at CDA Headquarters on Friday. Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Sheikh Anser Aziz chaired the meeting. According to the CDA officials, renaming these roads after martyrs and heroes is a tribute by CDA to their contributions. CDA Board approved renaming service road (East) F-11 as Agha Nasir Road, Service Road (West) F-8 as Safwat Chayyor Shaheed Road, Double Road in front of Police Line, H-11 as Captain Mobeen Shaheed Road and service road D-12 as Aitazaz Hassan Shaheed Road. Approval by CDA Board is subject to endorsement by the federal cabinet.

Agha Nasir passed away on July 12, 2106. A pride of performance award winner, Agha Nasir is also considered as one of the founders of Television in Pakistan.

He started his career as a producer in Radio Pakistan and soon became famous with his blockbuster hit dramas like Studio number nou, old gorou, ghunda. When television came to Pakistan, Agha Nasir moved from Radio Pakistan to PTV.

His biggest accomplishment to name a few was Election Transmission of 1970 and the Islamic Summit in 1974.

The famous song “Hum ta ba abad Taui taghual ka wali hein” which became a household song was produced by Agha Nasir . He authored many books as “This is PTV” is the first book on the institution he served and so loved. His another claim to fame book is “Hum Jeetay Gee Masroof Rehay” written on Faiz Ahmad Faiz. He produced umpteen plays for Pakistan Television and introduced many artistes to the television industry. His play Taleem-e-Balaghan is still considered as an all seasons play. The famous series Alif Noon, is also named on his Initials, A for Alif and N for Noon. Agha Nasir served twice as Managing Director of Pakistan Television, Director General Radio Pakistan, Managing Director National Film Development Corporation and one time Director General PNCA. It was during his tenure that he introduced First National Film Awards and launched Morning Transmission on PTV.  His autobiography Agha say Agha Nasir Tak is under publication and is expected to hit the markets in July.

Furthermore, CDA Board approved an amendment in CDA Employees (Service) Regulation 1992 to address inordinate delays in completion of inquiry process and resort to frequent extensions due to non-observance of specified time lines. The approval for the said amendment was granted by CDA Board on a summary moved by administration wing of CDA .

According to the amendment in CDA Employees Service Regulation 1992, inordinate delays in completion of inquiry process and resort to frequent extensions due to non-observance of specified time lines, the inquiry officers or a committee who fails to discharge such additional functions with due diligence should be exposed to  E&D proceedings.

The Board has approved that this may be done by extending the scope of regulation 8.03 to encompass grading instances of acts or omissions, whether by inefficiency, default or design proposed to be added as additional grounds for improving the quality of the inquiry proceedings via disciplinary proceedings.

The Board approved a draft incorporating the proposed amendments in the CDA Employees Service regulations 1992 as well.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) members have said that parks and grounds are in dilapidated condition and a comprehensive strategy should be evolved so that the residents particularly children could be facilitated. During its meeting, the members also emphasised that new grounds and parks should also be constructed in the rural areas of the city.

It was also discussed that in order to control settlement around the nullahs, retaining walls should be constructed which would not only help ensure cleanliness of the nullahs but also control the settlements around the nullahs.

The meeting also discussed the suggestion to facilitate female population of the city more and it was suggested that segregated parks would be developed for women.