At least four people including a personnel of Bajaur Levies Force and a health worker were killed and five others injured when a female suicide bomber blew herself up at the main gate of Agency Headquarters Hospital Khar of Bajaur Agency on Saturday.
Four people including personnel of Bajaur Levies Force and watchman of the local health deportment were killed on the spot while several others wounded in the suicide attack were taken to Agency Headquarters Hospital Khar, said Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr Mohammad Riaz Khan.
An eyewitness said a veiled female apparently in her twenties tried to enter the hospital from the main gate when she was stopped by the personnel of Bajaur Levies Force. "As the personnel of Levies Force tried to check her she blew herself up on the spot," Kareem Khan a watchman of the local health department said. Officials of the local administration have confirmed that it was a suicide blast carried out by a female .
Assistant Political Agent of the area Assad Sarwar said it was a suicide attack struck by a female and target of the attack was the officials of local health department at the hospital. “She was a female of 23 to 25 years age and we have found legs, head and other parts of her body," he said.
The official said that dead included personnel of Bajaur Levies Force, a health worker and two civilians while two personnel of Levies Force were among injured. Soon after the blast, the personnel of Levies Force and officials of the local administration reached the site and cordoned off the area. The injured were taken to hospital where condition of the two stated to be critical.
The officials of the local administration have appreciated the efforts of Levies Force Jawans for stopping the suicide bomber on the gate before entering the hospital and said it could cause a massive loss of human lives if she was not stopped on time. The officials have launched investigation into the blast.
Meanwhile, the local administration has beefed up security across the agency and launched an investigation into the blast and hundreds of additional personnel of Levies and FC have been deployed at the sensitive areas.
An official of the local administration said they had received threats of suicide blast a few weeks ago and for this purpose the administration had beefed up security in the region.
"We took extraordinary steps for security in the area after receiving information that two suicide bombers had sneaked into the area,” the official said. This was the second suicide blast carried out by a female bomber in Bajaur tribal region. In December 25, 2010 a woman suicide bomber had blew herself up at a distribution center of the World Food Programme at Khar killing 45 people and wounding 80 others.