LAHORE - Renowned film and TV actress Tamanna Begum passed away after protracted illness in Karachi on Monday. She was suffering from kidney disease.
The legend artist Tamanna Begum was born in Lahore and started her career from Radio Pakistan and did some theatre plays as well.
In the 1970s and 1980s Tamanna Begum became very popular.
Tamanna started acting in movies and quickly rose to fame with her robust performances.
She worked with popular stars including Talat Iqbal and Waheed Murad‚ and her films gained much popularity among the viewers. Later‚ she had to settle for acting in television plays.
Senior TV and radio artists have expressed grief over the death of great actress . They prayed for the departed soul to rest in eternal peace. Agencies add: Tamanna Begum was laid to rest in ancestral graveyard in Multan. “Actors like Tamanna Begum have a unique identity in the field of acting and her death has created a vacuum that is hard to fill,” said her fans on social networking groups.
“No one can replace her acting individuality and versatility as she ruled the hearts of entertainment lovers,” they said.
Actor and Director General Pakistan National Council of the Arts Tauqeer Nasir said the artists who learnt and presented their experiences from 60s and 70s were still the source of learning for the new artists and showbiz world could hardly produce such generation. He said, “These artists were the institution of acting and their skills will serve the coming generations as an inspiration for both serious and comedy actors.”
“Death of such legendary artists is unable to make them dead in hearts of people where they will remain alive but the film industry and theatre will suffer due to this loss,” he said.
He said the skills of these artists should be acknowledged in their life and pass on to upcoming artists in order to promote quality entertainment.