Army has always been maligned for doing operations in the Balochistan . Yes there have been certain operations in the province but one has to be rational while blaming state institutions. The first operation was done in mid 70s. At that time ZA Bhutto was the President of Pakistan and Akbar Bugti was governor of the Balochistan province. Bugti allowed the operation against the Murree tribe. The second encounter was made during the Musharraf regime but that was specifically against Bugti. Soon after the present government came it announced Aaghe-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package for the province. The present military leadership also took many of the steps on the desire of the Baloch masses and its political leadership.
Army was constructing its garrison in Kohlu and Sui but the same have been stopped. The army troops were pulled out of the area. The Sui cantonment was turned into an education city by Gen Kayani and a military college has been established to teach the Baloch children. Moreover a medical college has been established in Quetta. Chamalang coal mining and the Kasa hill projects have been launched under supervision of Pakistan army to ensure development in the province. It has not only created job opportunities for the locals but has given them the passion to excel further. Still Pakistan army is the only institution which is blamed for every curse of the province. There is however a conspiracy that should not be ignored. America wants to clear the province from army troops so that it could flood the area with its covert operatives. Indian elements are already active in Balochistan . It is a conspiracy against Pakistan that must not be ignored.
Islamabad, February 20.