NANKANA SAHIB – A poor labourer offered to sell their kidneys here in District Press Club on Monday.
The labourer , Mhuammad Khalid said that the factory owner has kept hostage his kids and wife to get back his Rs50,000, he has given to the workers in advance. He said that he has failed to get financial assistance from the CM house and has no other option except to sell his kidneys to get freed his children and wife.
Reportedly, Khalid was working in a plastic factory, which was later closed due to electric and gas loadshedding since last three months. Over which the factory owner demanded his money which he has given to him in advance. The labourer said due to unemployment, he could not pay his loan and the factory management have kept hostage his four kids and wife to get back their loan.
Khalid told the journalists that the factory owner had restricted his entry in the factory as the life of his kids and wife is not safe there. He appealed to the Chief Justice and Chief Minster to take stern action against factory owner and get free his family.