NAROWAL – Escalating crimes rate has created panic among the people of district as 4 men has been murdered on offering resistance during different dacoity bids during the last 20 days besides the dozens of other incidents of robbery and theft.
Reportedly, dacoits have snatched cash, cell phones, gold ornaments, motor bikes and other valuable belongings of worth millions of rupees during these incidents but the district police have failed to control the situation. As per details, some dacoits intercepted the bike of a policeman, Amanat Ali on Kanjrur–Esa Road but he resisted which made the dacoits infuriated who opened fire on him. Resultantly, Amanat died on the spot while the dacoits managed their easy escape.
Similarly, Rasheed Ahmed, a resident of Sialkot was going to village Surayya in the jurisdiction of police station Lassar Kalan on his bike when the dacoits intercepted him but he resisted. Resultantly, the dacoits shot him dead.
In another incident, a Saudi Arab-returned retired army man, Faiz Rasool, son of Ghulam Rasool, resident of village Bhagochuri in the jurisdiction of police station Niddoke, was murdered in a dacoity bid.
Faiz Rasool was going to participate in a marriage ceremony of his sister, when three dacoits entered his house and took all the family hostage on gunpoint and looted cash, gold ornaments and other valuables. Over resistance , the dacoits opened fire on him and killed him on the spot.
DPO Malik Sakandar Hayat Awan said police were making all-out efforts to stop the activities of the criminals in the district. He said police are tracing the criminals involved in such incidents and they will soon succeed to arrest them.