SADIQABAD – Jamaat-i-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch has said that the political parties in what he believed “Anjuman Gulaman-e-American” cannot stop the way of Islamic revolution in Pakistan.
Addressing a training session of the JI’ Rahim Yar Khan, he said that such pro-US political parties were saving America’s interests and they prefer the US interests to those of Pakistan, terming the deteriorating circumstances in Balochistan an example in favour of his viewpoint.
Mr Baloch said that solution to national crises laid in his party’s manifesto. He explained that the JI’s manifesto is model Madina Munawwarah.
He observed that the JI would bring change in the country through lawful and constitutional ways, directing the party activists to get prepared for the forthcoming general elections.  “The restoration of Nato supplies to Afghanistan is tantamount to the nation’s humiliation. Economic downturn, dearness, corruption, skyrocketing price hike in petroleum and gas products and other daily use commodities are because of the money being spend on the ministers and advisers’ luxuries,” the JI leader said.
Responding to the questions of the participants of the workshop, he said that his party would get landslide if the general elections were held fairly and transparently. He said the people had finished the turns of both the big political parties of the country – the PPP and the PML-N.
From the General Elections 2008 to the upcoming Senate polls, he claimed, both the parties and their political allies preferred their vested interest to the national ones whereby no sector of the country was in satisfactory condition. He urged the party activists to expedite the mass contact campaign ahead to the elections.
During a meeting of the representatives of farmers’ organisations and other political parties leaders, JI district ameer Dr Anwarul Haq said that the farmers across district Rahim Yar Khan were facing terrible ordeal. He said the people’s representatives should have raised a voice against the farmers’ exploitation by the mills owners.
The farmers’ leaders said that they had repeatedly brought into the notice of the authorities concerned that the mills administrations show less weight of their sugarcane than the actual weight and deduct payments.
On the occasion, PTI district president Rahan Raheel Ahmad Khan said that his party would never tolerate inhumanity being carried out against the farmers and would bring such cruel elements to book.
He demanded just distribution of permits and immediate end to inappropriate deductions, urging the mills owners to pay the farmers timely, On the occasion, Kissan Action Committee chairman Jam M D Ganga and Kissan Union President Malik Allah Nawaz threatened that if their exploitation was not stopped in a couple of days, they would lay a siege to the sugar mills and the mills would be locked.