LAHORE - The Lahore College for Women University Lahore (LCWU) Wednesday signed an accord to import the culture of students’ societies, creative activities and research from Government College University, Lahore (GCU) and develop a strong partnership with it of sharing resources . GCU Vice Chancellor Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and LCWU Vice Chancellor Dr Sabhia Mansoor signed the agreement at graceful ceremony at the LCUW Syndicate Committee Room. GCU Director Research Dr Zakria Butt, Dean Dr Islam Ullah Khan, Director Academic Planning Fauzia Shahen, Physics Department Chairperson Dr Hassan A Shah, Old Ravians Union Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt, while from LCWU , Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences Dr Kausar J. Cheema, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Ayesha Roohi and heads all administrative departments attended the agreement signing ceremony.
The 26-point accord provides the faculty members and postgraduate students of both universities access to each other laboratories, academic data, libraries and other necessary research facilities.
Speaking on the occasion, GCU VC Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that modern research was complex and multidisciplinary and it was impossible for single institution to possess all the knowledge, equipment, and techniques required, so it was imperative to establish academic and research links and share resources, expertise and equipment with each other.
Prof Rahman said in first half of the ongoing academic year he had signed more than seven active agreements with reputed international and national institutes including University of Bonn Germany, National Institute of Lasers & Optronics Islamabad, GEDIZ University Istanbul and Punjab Forensic Science Agency, so that his students can get access to all kinds of latest equipments and all other facilities for research.
LCWU VC said, “Though GCU is big brother and beats LCWU by 50 years in age, but they still are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in several disciplines of social and natural sciences, especially fine arts and visual arts”.
She said social, arts and natural sciences were equally important as they did not want nation which was not civilized, talented and visionary. She said, “If GCU has produced premiers, scientists and poets, go and see the history the mothers of all of them were alumni of Lahore College for Women.”
The LCWU VC said that Pakistan universities were facing severe financial challenges and this agreement was a role model for other them that they could develop their faculty and research by sharing resources . She said that GCU and LCWU would jointly hold trainings for their faculty members.