THE horrible bus accident that has occurred in Lahore serves as a grim reminder of how the traffic police normally evades its basic duties. Five schoolboys, sitting on top of the bus, collided with the Doctors Hospital underpass and died then and there. Reportedly, the boys were shouting and asking the driver to stop when they saw what was ahead of them, but the bus kept on moving resulting in the deadly accident. It is indeed a shame that the police could not arrest the driver and the conductor of the bus. They are indeed responsible to a very large extent. In Lahore and other urban centres, the transporters and college students particularly in uniform have been at loggerheads for a long time and any driver for that matter views the students with aversion. Didnt the driver know that there was an underpass ahead and that the students atop the bus would be killed? And what was the conductor doing, when he was hearing the shouts to stop the bus. In Lahore clashes between the students and drivers are common but a driver taking his anger on the students in such a horrible manner should be punished severely. It would send a strong message to the transporters mafia that they cannot play with innocent lives, especially students. Secondly, it is time that Traffic Wardens rather 'Terrific Wardens were held accountable for their wayward attitude and their negligence. It is their duty to ensure that there is no overloading on public transport buses and vans. But since the drivers keep their palms greased, they are allowed to break the rules. It is a pity that commuters are packed like sardines which results in frequent accidents. It is time to overhaul our public transport system as well as the traffic police. Discipline should be ensured on the roads and bus drivers racing around at high speeds just for the thrill of it and putting the lives of passengers into jeopardy should be punished according to law.