I am yet again outraged (but not shocked at all) at news of the latest atrocity of the Punjab Police, the gang rape and impregnation of a minor girl in Wah. That this inhumanity could have been carried on with impunity inside the Wah Cantonment Police Station for 21 days and nights until she fell ill and the perpetrators came to know of her pregnancy, speaks volumes of their bestiality and, most tellingly, of the collusion - at all levels. This collusion is amongst those who are supposed to be protectors of the citizenry and the upholders and enforcers of the law. Here are a few questions. What is the government of Punjab, the government of Pakistan, the federal & provincial heads of Police, the Ministry of Interior/Home Dept, the National Police Bureau Gender Crime Unit, the Ministry of Womens Development/Punjab WDD, the National Commission on the Status of Women; the Lahore High Court, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Parliamentarians/legislators of all parties at the national and provincial levels doing about this sort of crime against humanity? What are they doing about the recent Tharparkar, Johi/Dadu and Dharki cases and many more that come to light almost on a daily basis? A gang rape survivor has been camped outside the Islamabad Press Club for over a month now with no action or notice taken by the govt. -TAHIRA ABDULLAH, Islamabad, May 20.