KARACHI - The AJK government has planned to negotiate with the government of Pakistan for the payment of Net Hydel Profit on electricity generation from Mangla Hydro Power Project as per formula adopted with other provinces. In the proposed negotiations, the government of AJK will demand the present federal regime to approve the release of such outstanding amount to AJK inline with the provincial govts of Punjab and NWFP. According to a document available with The Nation, if net hydel profit for Mnagla Hydro Power Station payable to Govt of AJK is calculated since commissioning of this project (1967-68), the tentative net hydel profit at Rs0.70/Kwh would be approximately Rs125.33 billion. Moreover, if the net hydel profit owed to the AJK government is estimated since 1995 at Rs0.7/Kwh, it would be about Rs48.5 billion. The document further reveals that the total difference dues to the AJK government by the former and current governments both, at Rs0.15/Kwh and Rs0.7/Kwh respectively from July 01, 2003 to date as per AGN Qazi Award will be stood at Rs16763.06 million while Rs21334.82 million at Rs0.7Kwh is yet to be paid by the Islamabad to the AJK government. It is worth mentioning here that the AJK government has been received Rs4571.756m at Rs0.15/Kwh from the Centre so far on producing electricity from Mangla power station. The difference on unpaid amount during 2009-10 reached at Rs341.149 million and 93.041 million worth rupees provided to AJK government for the electricity being produced at Mangla power project. However, the amount, totaling Rs434.19 is still payable by the federal government to the administration of Hydro Electric Board, GoAJK. It may be recalled here that the power station located in the territory of AJK was commissioned in 1996, initially with 2x100 MW units, later on extended into 10x100 MW units. The power station utilizes the outflow of Mangla reservoir constructed on Jhelum River. The reservoir and power houses are located in AJK . According to position paper prepared by HEB, AJK on net hydel profit from Mangla power project, with the commissioning of Tarbela Power Station in Late 70s, the government of NWFP initiated the case for net hydel profit out of the energy generated from Tarbela power station which underwent a long arbitrations procedure thereafter it was decided through the famous Agha Ghulam Nabi Qazi award, which had some complex calculations but decided net profit at Rs0.7 per unit with maximum limit of Rs6.00 billion per annum. The AJK government at the time of Mangla raising, also showed concern for net hydel profit despite the fact that AJK State is not a province and has a status elaborated in Cabinet Division, Govt. of Pakistan Notification No 8/9/70-Coord-1 dated 11-05-1997 which reads as Although Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is not a part of Pakistan within the meaning of article 1(2) (b) of the constitution but in practical it should be treated like any other province. It may be mentioned that the AGN Qazi formula has provide guidelines for all such profits made from hydro power, with some modifications. The Punjab government also succeeded in getting hydel profit for Ghazi barotha Hydro Project in accordance with this agreement.