LAHORE - The strong protest demonstrations continued across the country on Thursday against the social networking website Facebooks blasphemous caricatures competition. All the religio-political parties staged massive protest demonstrations and stressed the government to raise the issue at the international forums immediately. The heinous act of Facebook sparked strong demonstrations and rallies in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisa-labad, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Multan and Bahawalpur to vent their anger over the blasphemy contest. In this regard Tanzeem Ahle Sunnah organised a protest rally from Data Darbar Chowk to The Mall on Thursday evening. Addressing the participants of the rally religious scholar Pir Afzal Qadari said the some negative elements in Europe, the US, Israel and India were using various tactics to hurt the feelings of the Muslims. All the political and religious parties should unite as it is the time of Jehad. We will render our lives but will never bear the words and acts of aliens against our Holy Prophet (PBUH), he added. Pir Afzal urged the Muslim countries to hold an urgent OIC conference in which one point agenda of boycotting the products of these countries should be approved. He said our political leaderships lacks religious sentiments otherwise how these countries openly could think of such nefarious and strongly condemnable acts. Jammatud Dawa also organised a protest rally from Punjab Assembly to Lahore Press Club while number of rallies were simultaneously conducted in Faisalabad, Gujra-nwala, Multan, Baha-walpur, Quetta, Krachi and Peshawar under the Jammat banner. The participants chanted slogans against Norway, Sweden and Denmark besides setting the flags of these counties on fire. The protestors were carrying banners and placards inscribed with various slogans including 'the responsible should be put to death. Jamm-atud Dawa central leader Mulana Amir Hamza, Mulana Husnain Siddiqui and others participated in the rally. Addressing the participants of the rally they said after receiving shameful defeat in Afghanistan, the US was using cheap tactics against the Muslim world. Jamatud Dawa Amir Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has also appealed to the nation to ensure their participation in such programmes. Central Jamat Ahl Hadees Punjab also conducted seminars and rallies in major cities of Pakistan especially in the City. Mulana Abdur Rehman Ludhyanvi, Hafiz Shahid Amin and others addressed the rallies. The speakers said numerous devoted lovers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) like Mohammad Bin Qasim commonly known Ghazi Alam Din Shaheed and Amir Cheema are ready to render their lives in the honour of their beloved Prophet. Earlier all the religious scholars and leaders announced holding of rallies and seminars on Friday (today) after Jumma prayers. Tahfuz Namoos-e-Risalat Muhaz, Jamia Naeemia also announced to hold protest demonstration against blasphemous caricatures here on Friday outside the Shrine of Data Gang Bakhsh. Allama Raghib Naeemi, Mufti Moha-mmad Khan Qadari and others will lead the protest rally. Meanwhile, PML-N Punjab Ulema and Mushaikh Wing hold a procession under the chairmanship of MNA Pir Syed Imran Ahmad Shah. Secretary General Mufti Intikhab Ahmad, provincial secretary for information Masood Ahmad Shah and other prominent figures participated in the meeting. The speakers stro-ngly condemned the heinous act of Facebook saying this shows their poor and mean mentality for the last Holy Prophet (PBUH). They also urged the government to take strict action against the authorities of Facebook and those who were backing the website. On the other hand, according to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority authorities it had ordered inte-rnet service providers to completely shut down YouTube and prevent Facebook from being viewed within Pakistan. Well-established sources also added that almost 4 billion Euro lost was noted from the recent boycott of Facebook by the Muslim World in mere two days. The sources further said the loss would touch to 40b Euro if the Muslim World continues its boycott for seven days.