LAHORE Security agencies have unearthed the involvement of foreign hand in spreading hatred in Balochistan province as well as to poison the minds of innocent Baloch youth against the non-Balochis, particularly the educationists. According to a classified document sent to the Interior Ministry, 'the hostile intelligence agencies are involved in destroying education system of Balochistan. After suicide bombing and terrorist attacks, they are targeting teachers and renowned educationists. Almost 80 per cent of the teaching staff in Balochistan belongs to Punjab, Sindh and Khyber PK provinces and hostile elements are threatening their lives to force them to relocate to other places. Well-placed sources while quoting the report on Thursday revealed that Indian spy agency supplied hate literature in Balochi language to all schools and colleges run in Baloch inhabited areas like Khuzdar, Turbat, Gwadar, Dera Bugti, Sui, Kahan to inculcate hatred against Punjab and Army. 'Teachers are scared and fleeing from Balochistan due to target killing, which will have a negative impact on the education system of province, already less developed; they added. 'The Baloch students were cultivated through BSO hardliners by Indian RAW, taken to Kabul for indoctrination, given Afghan passports and trained in art of guerrilla warfare. India opened up Balochistan specific three consulates in Zahidan, Bandar Abbas and Ashkabad in Iran and established refugee camps for Balochistan dissidents in Kandahar, Spin Boldak, Helmand and Nimroz, the report added. Sources disclosed that India under the garb of friendship launched cultural invasion from the east and covert operations from Afghan soils to encircle and harm Pakistan. The construction of road linking Chahbahar Port in Iran with Afghanistan was part of the encirclement plan and also meant to secretly ship in explosives, arms and ammunition from India under the pretext of construction material, they added. The Spin Boldak has become hub of anti-Pakistan activities and used as launching pad for Balochistan by Indian operatives to supply funds, arms and explosives to Baloch rebels. The report further revealed that Indian-run training centres in Kabul, Jalalabad, Khwaja Ghar (Takher Province), Khost, Paktia, Urgun, Khandar, Spin Boldak, Dranj (Badakhshan Province) where its military personnel in collaboration with RAW have been imparting training to the innocent Balochs against Pakistan. Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz, Director Mass Communication Dept PU, when contacted, said that assassination of innocent people is forbidden in Islam as the Holy Quran says, 'Killing of a human being is equal to killing the entire human race, he added.