KARACHI - ABAD Chairman Engr Farooq-uz-Zaman Khan in a statement has said the Federal Government is contemplating on collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) from the next fiscal year. He added that VAT is not collected in any country of the world as far as housing and construction industry is concerned. He added that in a situation where housing shortage in the country has reached a massive 8 million housing units, the imposition of this tax will accomplish nothing but aggravate the negative situation and will result in a slowdown of construction activities which will further increase this shortage and will consequently raise the graph of unemployment all over the country. Farooq-uz-Zaman said that the construction industry can very well be defined as mother of all industries as it involves as many as fifty related industries in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh, which are manufacturing products consumed by the construction industry. A large number of unskilled, skilled labours will lose their jobs due to the slowdown in the construction industry, he said adding that only the construction industry has the potential to kick start the flailing economy if proper incentives and facilities are provided. He added that by using the products of the allied industries, the construction industry has already paid all relevant taxes including GST. Chairman ABAD further said that it is pertinent that government should realise the negative impact of VAT. He said the construction industry is at the tail-end of the overall process of construction; it should, therefore, be declared as end-user and as such should be exempt from paying VAT.