LAHORE - Barricades , cement blocks and various obstacles erected by police on several roads outside government installations and top cops offices in the wake of security threats in the provincial metropolis are not only a source of nuisance but also the traffic mess, a survey conducted by The Nation on Thursday revealed. The main purpose behind such fortifications is to 'secure important government offices by breaking the pace of motor vehicles to keep a check on suspected ones despite the fact that the flow of traffic in the City already is not smooth either. Furthermore, the zigzag and poorly planned placing of hurdles is an irritating factor for the commuters because this in fact is causing traffic jams on roads instead of slowing it down. Much to the 'dismay of a common man, the authorities concerned also have ordered to set up such barricades, on some important roads or streets on which hospitals and schools are situated, which is just for the sake of security of 'one person or an office particularly of a high ranking police officer and thus creating troubles for the patients or the people who approach these hospitals with their patients. The authorities concerned are merciless in this regard. They have put the lives of the citizens in danger just for the security of a police officer. This may cause loss to precious lives particularly those of patients, who need immediate medical aid, said Imran Ali, a resident of Mozang. He further said that the commuters in general and residents of the surrounding localities in particular were in trouble due to the hurdles placed for the security of the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) on the whole of Queens Road (Shaarey Fatima Jinnah). Faiz Ahmed, a resident of Lawrence Road, maintained that traffic remained blocked on almost all the arteries due to the barricading of Queens Road. The police personnel also had set up various pickets on different roads for checking the vehicles, which had been resulting into traffic messes. He said that Queens Road linked many important roads including The Mall, Lawrence Road, Ferozpur Road, Jail Road, Waris Road, besides a number of residential localities and commercial areas. The Punjab government, City District Government, TEPA and other authorities concerned neither took any notice of the barriers on this important road nor constructed it even during last 20 years which could improve the flow of traffic on it, said Javed Mehmood of Mozang. He further said that police spent about Rs 2 million on the construction of a security wall on the road previous year and then demolished it on the directions of the Punjab government, but the CDG authorities concerned still were ignoring its construction or even patchwork.